Yoga 6pm



SUP Yoga
August 18

6 pm (Cassie)



Aquafit 5pm (Gigi)

SUP Yoga

August 16

6pm (Cassie) 


Down syndrome

bootcamp (Zoom)

9:15am (Charlene)

Yoga 9:15am (Gigi)

Aquafit 10:30am (Gigi)

SUP Yoga 6:30pm (Gigi)


Pilates 7am (Cassie)

Aquafit 5:30pm (Max)


This schedule is effective May 1, 2022, SUP Yoga will start on May 25, 2022

All classes are 1 hour in length


Yoga, Bootcamp or Pilates 

$125 for unlimited classes (per month)

$85 for 2 classes per week (per month)

$50 for 1 class per week (per month)


$90 for 5 classes

Drop-in class pass 

$15 for Yoga, Bootcamp, or Pilates 

$20 for Aquafit 

SUP Yoga

$20 for drop-in

$90 for 5 classes

Flatwater Basic SUP Skills 

$70 per person, 2.5 hour lesson

Paddle, paddle board and life jacket included

Kids aged 7+ are welcome to register

Find out more about our Personal Training options



Outdoor Yoga Class


Yoga strengthens more than just the muscles in the body. It is a complete mind-body workout where it combines strengthening and stretching poses while focusing on deep breathing, meditation, and relaxation. 

There are many benefits of yoga, especially for those living with Down Syndrome. 

Yoga helps improve muscle tone, flexibility and balance while promoting inner peace. Simple breathing exercises helps keeping calm and restores the nervous system. Yoga also helps bring the body awareness, and increases concentration and memory skills. 

SUP Yoga 1.png


Enjoy the calming effects of water and take your Yoga practice to the next level with SUP Yoga! 


SUP Yoga is a fun and challenging workout that improves your flexibility and balance, increases your circulation, and gives you an incredible core workout. 


Mat Pilates

Pilates increases muscle strength and tone, particularly of your core muscles. It's great for toning and strengthening and increasing your flexibility. It also has a strong mind/body connection.


Specialized Bootcamp 

We are thrilled to offer Personal Training and Bootcamp classes for the Down Syndrome community. Engaging in regular physical activity has been shown to improve both cardio respiratory fitness and muscle strength in persons with Down Syndrome. 

We currently offer classes at the COOP and through ZOOM. Contact us for more details. 

Outdoor Bootcamp


Our bootcamp classes combine aerobic, strength training and speed elements within each class session. 



Aquafit is a cardio based water workout suitable for all fitness levels. Enjoy the gorgeous views while getting a fantastic workout in our heated pool! 


sup yoga

One of our most popular, fun and challenging workouts.

 Come try a class out, you won't find this in the city!

SUP Yoga Class2